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Nicorette Patches


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Nicorette Patches are a commonly used method of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). The patches help you quit smoking by giving you a small, sustained dose of nicotine so that you can avoid the discomfort of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may include irritability, dizziness, mild depression, headaches, sleeplessness, and weight gain. This is why it is so difficult to stop smoking without the help of NRT. The real benefit of the patches is that they are easy to use. You just place them on the surface of the skin and they do the rest, with each patch lasting for 16 hours. The patches adhere to the outside skin and slowly release a controlled level of nicotine into the skin. No chewing or puffing techniques to remember here. You put one patch on in the morning and take it off before you go to bed. The patch works to suppress your desire to smoke during the waking hours, which is when you most need it. There is hardly any risk of getting the dosage wrong and subjecting your body to too much nicotine because of the slow release method used. The patches are discreet so no one will even know that you are using them.

By allowing you overcome the physical aspects of your addiction to nicotine the Nicorette Patches give you the time you need to change the compulsive behaviour associated with smoking, which is also an important component of the habit. You still have to be determined that you want to quit smoking but Nicorette Patches can give you the support you need in order for you to achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker.

Nicorette Patches should be applied to dry, hairless skin for example on your upper arm or hip. The patches are available in 3 strengths, 15mg, 10mg and 5mg with each box containing 7 patches. Initially start with the 15mg or high dose patches first then after 8 weeks, gradually reduce your intake by swapping to the middle dose patch, or 10mg. The middle dose patch should be used for a further 2 – 3 weeks after which time you should switch to the low dose patch, or 5mg. Once you have been using the low dose for 2 weeks, you should be able to stop using the patches completely.

Nicorette patches can also be purchased as three different full courses at greatly reduced prices. Each course is designed to gradually reducing the amount of nicotine over 12 weeks until eventually you can stop using the patches completely.

Patch pack one contains : 8 x 15mg Step 1, 2 x 10mg Step 2, and 2 x 5mg Step 3
Patch pack two contains : 4 x 15mg Step 1, 4 x 10mg Step 2, and 4 x 5mg Step 3
Patch pack three contains : 0 x 15mg Step 1, 8 x 10mg Step 2, and 4 x 5mg Step 3

(Patch pack three is more suitable for those smoking less than 20 to 25 cigarettes per day)


Warnings and Cautions

Nicorette Patches are manufactured by Pharmacia AB, Sweden and distributed by Pharmacia, Auckland, NZ.

If you are currently taking other medications, have other medical conditions, you may be pregnant, or you are breastfeeding, please contact us to talk to a pharmacist.

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